INFINITE are cute idols dancing to girl group songs on “Weekly Idol”

INFINITE caused quite a stir after appearing as guests on an episode of MBC’s Weekly Idol. 

On September 20th, Weekly Idol released teaser images and preview videos from INFINITE’s episode. It was also confirmed that the group will be performing their latest track, “The Eye,” for the first time on the program before their promotional run on music programs.

INFINITE described “The Eye” as a break-up track with an addictive melody and revealed that the choreography for the track was the most difficult physically.
Image taken from MBC’s “Weekly Idol” / Dispatch

In another preview, INFINITE also attempted to showcase their charms as they attempted to dance to popular girl group tracks such as TWICE’s “Cheer Up” and Lovelyz “Ah-Choo.”

The full episode will air on September 21st, 6pm KST.

Source: Dispatch