“Infinite Challenge” panel is shocked at the identities of these super idols on “Masked King” concept special

Infinite Challenge held their two-year music festival on the July 4th episode broadcast, using the theme of King of Masked Singer as their concept.

Masking their voice and faces with a mask, these two super idols and artists, only known as “Do Mask Dance” and “Get Dislocated” to the panel of Infinite Challenge which also included IU, Yoo Hee Yeol, and J.Y. Park as guests, performed a humorous performance of Heungbu‘s “Fabulous.”

These two certainly did an amazing job masking their identities from the panel the majority of them were filmed completely bewildered and confused, some attempting to guess it was the duo Norazo, who are known for their quirky performances.

However, lo and behold, their identities were revealed to be BIGBANG‘s very own Taeyang and G-Dragon! Watch the clip below…where you able to figure it out just from their masked performance?