Infinite Challenge Officially Ending, A New Replacement Show With Brand New Cast Members Planned

Article: “”Infinite Challenge Will Not Have A Second Season, New Show With New Name Will Launch”

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+10044, -180] Oh Infinite Challenge. It’s really the end. ㅠㅠ Thanks for the joy and happiness you brought. It was a good ride. I look forward to laughing at the new show. I’m probably going to cry on the last episode.

2. [+7509, -256] The constant articles about possibly ending and possibly making a new show and we get this. Truth is it was already decided since the start -_-

3. [+5635, -204] Infinite Challenge already decided to do a new show with new members. Don’t do this to Infinite Challenge.

4. [+5039, -213] Is MBC crazy

5. [+4193, -192] This is going way overboard…..

6. [+891, -28] If you’re a fan of Infinite Challenge, you will have cherished memories of the show. Thanks to Infinite Challenge I was able to find joy and happiness during a dark period of my life.. Now they’re going away forever. I will never forget the segment: Infinite Company. Goodbye Infinite Challenge.

7. [+851, -35] I still can’t believe that Infinite Challenge is going away forever. This show made most of my 20’s memories that I cherish amongst all other shows. I still watch old episodes… This is such sad news.

8. [+852, -42] In what state of mind did MBC decide to end Infinite Challenge.

9. [+749, -35] There’s not much time left before the show ends. I thought I was going to be able to see this show until Park Myung Soo’s 50th birthday.

10. [+681, -27] Infinite Challenge saved MBC you bastards.