INFINITE H continues winning streak on Mnet M! Countdown with “Pretty”

Hip-hop unit INFINITE H continues their winning streak as they take their first award on Mnet M! Countdown on February 12th for their title track “Pretty.”

In a very close race to first place with only one point of difference, INFINITE H (7,209) wins over collaboration team Zion.T and Crush‘s “Young” (7,208) for the night.

Ecstatic with the news, INFINITE H gives their utmost thanks to fans and those who have supported them in this comeback, Hoya saying, “Thank you so much. We won’t forget it. Thanks to INSPIRITS and to the five-members of INFINITE, thank you very much,” continuing to list his thanks of several people in the agency as he gives his word of gratitude.

As INFINITE H took to their encore stage, they were joined by the members of 4MINUTE, as well as Zion.T and Crush.

This win marks as the unit’s fifth win for “Pretty,” congratulations!

Source: OSEN