INFINITE H soars in their “#Hashtag” interview

On January 28th, INFINITE H appeared in 1theK’s #Hashtag interview, where they talked about which girls they like as well as about each other’s attractive features.

When asked about their album title, Fly Again, Dongwoo and Hoya explained how it iss a play-on-words from their first album, Fly High. Jokingly, Hoya asked “We went up pretty high, didn’t we?,” to which Dongwoo responded “Yea, you never came down, Hoya.” He disagreed though, hilariously murmuring “I came down two days ago…now I’m trying to go back up.

As #Attractive came up, Dongwoo immediately said “I think Hoya has attractive eyes,” continuing with “his glittering eyes…like goat poo.” Hoya complimented Dongwoo’s attractive nostrils, to which Dongwoo proudly announced “Yes, I have big nostrils. I tried putting coins in them; I got up to a quarter to fit. It fit pretty well.”

Currently, INFINITE H is busy preparing to promote their title track “Pretty” from their album Fly Again.

Watch their hilarious interview below!