INFINITE H is unnerved by “Pretty” woman in video teaser

Hip-hop unit INFINITE H has released their video teaser for title track “Pretty,” following a release of several image teasers previously. 

The duo begins to sing the line “yeppeo (pretty)” repeatedly as a groovy beat and a addictive DJ disk scratching sound play in the background. Dongwoo and Hoya, meanwhile, are completely unnerved by a pretty woman walking past them, as they completely forget what they were doing, nearly going crazy as they fight over her. The short video teaser completes with Dongwoo hilariously trying to kiss Hoya, who is sitting in his lap, before cracking up.

INFINITE H will be releasing their track and music video on January 26th, followed by a showcase held on the same day at AX Korea. A highlight preview of their album is expected to be released on the 21st.