INFINITE makes you spin around your chair in unique MV teaser for “Bad”

Woollim Entertainment has dropped the second music video teaser for INFINITE, this time with a 360° concept!

Following the release of the first dramatic music video teaser for their title track “Bad,” a new teaser with an unconventional promotional concept has been freshly unleashed. According to Woollim Entertainment, fans are supposed to watch it using the YouTube app and “turn yourself around while watching.”

Although watching it on the laptop gives it an artistic feel, viewers can be surprised even more when they watch it on their hand-held devices. A different version can be viewed each time the video is played, as the individual can move their phones or tablets up, down, left, right to get a 360° view of the filming set. As a tip, try spinning around in your chair!

The 28-second video also gave fans an additional audio tease, as the chorus was revealed for the first time, with “bad girl” repeated in the lines. INFINITE will also be meeting fans tomorrow night (July 11th) and introducing their tracks in acoustic versions prior to the official release.

The music video for “Bad” as well as the release of the Reality album is coming soon on July 13th at midnight.