INFINITE releases live album teaser for “One Great Step Returns”

After INFINITE successfully completed their concert One Great Step Returns, they released the teaser for their upcoming live album for One Great Step Returns on April 2nd. 

As voice in the background quickly counted down from seven, footage from the encore concert were displayed, revealing the heart throbbing performances that the seven-member group showcased. The brief teaser allowed Inspirits to grasp the exciting aura of the concert while the countdown ended and revealed the release date for the album.

One Great Step Returns is the encore concert that was created after the success of their 1st world tour, One Great Step. The encore concerts were held in the Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium on February 28th and March 1st.

Meanwhile, INFINITE released their official teaser for their May comeback. Although their official comeback date has not been released, Inspirits have been predicting that the instrumental music that was played during their teaser will be one of their new tracks.

One Great Step Returns live album will be released on April 9th at 12:00 p.m. KST.