INFINITE reportedly confirmed to star in next season of “Showtime” airing next month

Seven-member group INFINITE is said to be having their very own reality show again, possibly on MBC every1‘s Showtime Season 6.

Currently busy with their INFINITE EFFECT world tour schedule, INFINITE has made fans excited with the sudden news since it has been two years since their last reality program, This is INFINITE.

According to a music industry official, “INFINITE is the first on the casting list for the reality program. The members have many talents, many things to showcase, and are different from other idols. They are not pretentious and is a group which can always produce an interesting picture.”

In response, Woollim Entertainment stated, “The appearance on ‘Showtime’ is still under consideration and has yet to be confirmed. Filming has yet to happen and there are no progress plans.

MBC every1’s representative also revealed, “After being nominated to appear on the show, they are put under positive consideration but the final decision has yet to be made.

According to news report from Korean news site The Star, the new season of Showtime with INFINITE is scheduled to start airing in December, with a Q&A format interacting with fans.

International fans are however concerned if this would hinder the ongoing world tour since only the first round of countries had been announced. The group has yet to announce if they are going to countries such as USA, Australia, and Malaysia.

Previous seasons of Showtime invited top groups, including EXOBEASTApink, SISTAR, and EXID, so many people harbor high expectations of who the program will feature this time.

Source: ilgan sportsnewsen, and The Star