INFINITE reveals teaser for third “Reality” track featuring Dongwoo and Sungyeol

On July 4th, INFINITE released another teaser image for their upcoming comeback album, Reality.

Previously, Woollim Entertainment revealed image teasers for the first two tracks of INFINITE’s upcoming album, Reality. The first two tracks, “Betting” and “Bad,” credit Rphabet as the lyricist, composer, and arranger.

The third track, for which a teaser image was unveiled today, is titled “Moonlight.” The track’s lyrics, composition, and arrangement are credited to Lee Gi and C-No. Lee Gi has been credited on INFINITE’s past tracks, “Diamond” and “Shower.” C-No has previously worked on music for artists like NU’EST, B1A4, and Rainbow.

In the teaser image, members Sungyeol and Dongwoo can be seen laying down on concrete against a background of metal. Both members are wearing light-colored clothing, with Seungyeol sporting a sleeveless shirt and Dongwoo adding some color to the image with his bright red shorts.

Source: Woollim Entertainment’s Twitter, INFINITE’s Official Site, and KOMCA