INFINITE surprises fans with 360 version MV for “Bad”

In addition to releasing the music video for INFINITE‘s comeback track “Bad,” Woollim Entertainment released the 360 version of the music video for “Bad” on July 17th. 

Similar to the 360 version of music video teaser for “Bad,” fans were able to get a 360 degree view of the music video as viewers were able to control and change the camera angle with the click of a button. Throughout the music video, the seven-member group not only showcased their vocals, but the also revealed footage of their choreography as well.

The original music video for “Bad” was released on July 13th where the music video showcased a story as well as had a similar setting to the 360 version of the music video.

Meanwhile, just hours after the release if “Bad,” INFINITE obtained an all-kill across seven online music charts.