[★VIDEO] INFINITE’s Sungkyu jokes he will change agencies if he doesn’t get a 2nd album

INFINITE’s Sungkyu made a shocking statement out of humor and entertainment value that he might change agency if Woollim Entertainment does not give him a second solo album!

INFINITE were guests on the March 1st broadcast of MBC interview program Section TV Entertainment Relay, which brought the audience to take a look at the venue of the group’s fan meeting in Seoul, INFINITE Gathering 2.

On the show, Hoya expressed hopes of having a solo album, following INFINITE H‘s successful promotions with “Pretty.” He explained, “I originally love R&B music. I recently self-composed and wrote the lyrics to ‘Pretending It’s Okay.’” Sungkyu then gave advice out of personal experience, “Don’t be too greedy.

Sungkyu was then asked if his comeback was on the way, in which he replied, “It is being positively reviewed in the company. There’s a new group and INFINITE’s unit promotions, so it has been delayed.”

Then when asked what he would do if his second album is not released in the end, Sungkyu jokingly responded, “I’ll have to change companies, right?”

Sungkyu was the first out of the 7-member group to make a solo debut, where he released Another Me in November 2012. Despite this fact, his promotions was less well-received compared to the other group members who had sub-unit activities, including Toheart (Woohyun & Key), INFINITE H, and INFINITE F.

Although it has almost been two and half years since Sungkyu’s first album, fans are still in anticipation for his comeback as Woohyun hinted the possibility in December last year and Sungkyu himself talked about a new album at several fan events and occasions. Sungkyu has also been receiving love calls which might air during his promotional period, as he already filmed for KBS 2TV variety show Fluttering India airing in April, and will act alongside Girl’s Day’s Yura in web drama Love Detective Sherlock K.

In other news, the group just released an official comeback teaser video, scheduled for May.

Source: My Daily