INFINITE’s Sungkyu is out of “Kontrol” in MV teaser

INFINITE‘s Sungkyu has revealed the music video teaser for his second title track “Kontrol,” with just six more days left to his official comeback.

Promoting with double title tracks this time, Sungkyu is coming back stronger and with more charisma, with the music video teaser for the other title track “The Answer” previously released. “Kontrol” is the fourth track in this upcoming album, as the album’s tracklist unveils one song at a time.

The 59-second music video teaser for “Kontrol” first started off with slow beats produced by various percussion instruments, which then transitions into a faster-paced rhythm. Playing on the word play for the English word “control,” Sungkyu cleverly changes the “c” with “k” accordingly with his name’s initials.

The concept of this second music video seems to portray the complicated feelings of Sungkyu as the main lead, showing signs of confusion and dejection complemented with the messy backdrops of the filming locations.

Sungkyu’s 27 album is scheduled for May 11th as the release date.