INFINITE’s Sungkyu states he is confident in his appearance

INFINITE‘s Sungkyu admits on World Changing Quiz Show that he is confident in his looks.

On May 29th, INFINITE’s Sungkyu, made an appearance on MBC’s World Changing Quiz Show. There, the MCs took a look at the appearances of the members of INFINITE and ranked where Sungkyu was.

Although some of the cast ranked Sungkyu as number five most handsome out of the seven members, the leader admitted that he was confident in his appearance no matter what the others said. This follows a recent incident with another broadcaster. The artist has also made a similar statement before on Yee Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Meanwhile, Sungkyu recently made a solo comeback with two music videos, “The Answer” and “Kontrol.” INFINITE is scheduled to make a return as a group soon.

Check out the video clip here:

Source: TV Daily