Introducing members S.Coup, Hoshi, and Jeonghan of Pledis’ upcoming boy group SEVENTEEN

 Pledis Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group SEVENTEEN will be making their debut soon, but not before completing a special project set to air under MBC Music this May.

After teasing the project with a video, members of the group have begun to somewhat formally introduce themselves to anticipated fans.

S.Coup is the first member to be introduced to the public. Surrounded by heavy smoke and bright lights, the SEVENTEEN member shows off his strong dance moves as well as his charm as he looks at the camera. Member Hoshi also seems to be talented in dancing, revealing his precise moves to viewers.

Jeonghan, whom many fans have already dubbed as “Ren #2 (NU’EST),” will no doubt play as the visual member of the group. In his teaser, he moves almost like a magician as he entices you to fall in love with him with just a simple wave of his hands.

SEVENTEEN’s “Debut Big Plan” will be aired on MBC Music starting May 2nd.