Introducing The World’s First Indian K-Pop Idols

Here are K-Pop’s first Indian idols.

Asian Boss recently uploaded a video featuring Z-Stars, a K-Pop group composing of members from seven different countries: Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. They are separated into two sub-units: Z-Girls and Z-Boys.

There, he interviews the first Indian idols in K-Pop, Priyanka (from Z-Girls) and Sid (from Z-Boys). They clarify that are Z-Pop idols, a new genre inspired by K-Pop. They get trained the same way as K-Pop idols.

He asked the two how it felt to be the first Indian K-Pop idols. Sid responds that it’s not easy being called a K-Pop idol since it involves a lot of hard work.

Priyanka talks about how they come from different countries and how they dreamed of debuting, and how they had the chance to train to debut and learned from renowned trainers is a dream country.

When asked about how big K-Pop is in India, it appears to depend on location. Sid says that if you’re from Northeast India, like Priyanka, K-Pop is very popular.

Sid states that he’s from New Delhi, the capital and that the K-Pop craze is not as big there. There were still some fans, however, and there is high praise for the genre.

The host then asked for their K-Pop stories. Sid starts by saying that back in India, he only listened to Bollywood music, and he only got into K-Pop six months ago. He first got into BTS, EXO, and GOT7. He also revealed that he was a cover artist and would cover Bollywood songs when asked if they were into singing and dancing before becoming trainees. He would even play shows!

Priyanka got into singing and dancing when she started getting interested in K-Pop. When asked if it takes time to become good at singing, Priyanka said it definitely takes time, and she practiced so hard, she even got complaints from her neighbors! Her neighbors claimed she would always listen to different songs and “scream” the lyrics.

Priyanka states that she loves ballad songs, and when she tried to sing it, the emotions would come out, and her parents would ask why she’s crying!

When asked if they can understand the lyrics, Priyanka responded that she could, and she had learned Korean through K-Pop. No one taught her, but she learned how to speak Korean through music.

When asked if they believed they would come to Korea and debut as a K-Pop idol, Sid confessed that he never thought he’d have the honor of being called the first Indian K-Pop idol, but it happened because he kept dreaming.

Priyanka said that she did think she would end up in Korea, but it was difficult since not many K-Pop companies hold global auditions in India. She was hesitant on whether she should apply to train to be an idol or not, especially because she was doing her Bachelor’s degree.

What pushed her to pursue her dreams further was when she won the “Excellent Voice Award” during the K-Pop World Festival in Changwon. She also said that she saw BTS then and they are one of her biggest motivations and inspiration.

She went further and explained that during her time in college, she was bedridden for six months due to injuries, which lead to depression. She said that BTS songs helped her and motivated her not to give up.

When asked if the Korean public was supportive of them being the first Indian K-Pop idols, Priyanka said that there will always be positive and negative, but they saw more positives.

She said that when they did their concert in Seoul, they weren’t expecting much people to come and support them.

When asked about the negative side, Priyanka said that it was mostly around her skin color. She said many thought she was undeserving of debut due to her brown skin.

Some critics have said that Z-Group is a public stunt that was going to fail. Priyanka said they definitely would not fail and they have fans from different countries, even countries that the members aren’t from. They are also the first batch of Z-Pop idols, meaning more will come and help enrich the future of Z-Pop.

Sid commented that anyone could say these things, but it wasn’t up for them to decide. It was up for the Z-Pop idols too.

When asked about future goals, Sid revealed that they are working on a new single. Priyanka said that they intended to create good music that could inspire others. They also want to be as influential as other K-Pop idols. With that influence, Sid said they would like to open their scholarship fund for those who wish to pursue their dreams. Priyanka wants to change the way society thinks.

More power to Z-Girls, Z-Boys, and Z-Stars!