Is f(x)’s Amber a member of Dream Perfect Regime’s “Ready To Live” project?

f(x)’s Amber recently shared a teaser video of her latest project collaboration with Dream Perfect Regime’s video series titled “Ready To Live.” 

On April 21st, Dream Perfect Regime, also known as DPR, released a video teaser for the video series, “Ready to Live.” The project is described as a documentary-typed series around LIVE, one of the members of Dream Perfect Regime.

The series will reveal the member behind the raps, sharing his background, experiences and dreams, as they aim to reveal the origins of the team.

However, since the video was released, netizens speculated if Amber is one of the members of the team after sharing the video on her Twitter account. Furthermore, the f(x) member also placed the tag “DPR” on her Instagram profile page, confirming her link to the team.

C-CLOWN’s Rome, who recently changed his name on his Instagram account, is also one of the members of Dream Project Regime, producing V.HAWK’s music videos for “Pupil,” “The Butterfly Effect” and more.

Stay tuned for the full launch of “Ready To Live.”