Is T.O.P taking a break from Instagram?

After treating fans with his constant updates since making his personal Instagram account, BIGBANG’s T.O.P announced a possible halt of his explosive posts. 

On April 23rd, it seems like T.O.P decided to keep it on the down low as he prepares for the group’s upcoming concert stops over the weekend. Updating his Instagram account, he posted a photo from his previous pictorial and left a message for his fans saying, “This is the end of my explosive updates after four days. See you all at the concert the day after tomorrow. Goodbye. Enjoy your day.” 

Since joining the photo sharing platform on April 19th, T.O.P made at least 124 posts as he continously updated fans of his previous work, his thoughts on arts, selcas and more.

Meanwhile, T.O.P will join the rest of BIGBANG as they make their first big return after three years, starting with their concert tour MADE kickstarting in Seoul on April 25th and 26th.

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