IU Gets Heavily Criticised Over Her Acting Skills In Her New Drama “My Ahjussi”

Article: “’My Ahjussi’ Lee Ji Eun, Exclusive Teaser Revealed… Forget IU”

Source: Sports Seoul Via Nate

1. [+991, -72] Brushing aside the issues of her good or bad acting skills…. They should’ve done a proper job casting someone that fits the role.

2. [+881, -110 If IU gets criticized and there’s another issue over her acting skills I think she should just stop acting in the future….. Every drama she acts on there’s always a criticism controversy over her bad acting… She’s perfect singing songs but please stop acting…. I wish she would stop acting……

3. [+704, -89] I have a feeling this is going to be a flop.

4. [+68, -25] First things first, I don’t like the drama’s title ㅠ If you said “my ahjussi” in real life, all I can think of are fathers and ahjussis in the streets.

5. [+58, -22] Why isn’t an actress acting in the drama… I can’t focus on the drama… IU… You’re damaging the drama because of your stubbornness.

6. [+56, -18] Why is she still getting casted? There are prettier and more talented actresses. There’s a surplus of aspiring actresses and that’s why Kim Ki Deok, Lee Youn Taek etc scandals keep happening. Can’t she just do a minor role… There are so many actresses in the field so why IU… She just sells albums really well. If you look at all her past dramas they all failed.

7. [+40, -19] IU’s side view is kinda funny.

8. [+39, -18] You still haven’t changed the title of this disgusting drama? Pedophiles and people with strong perverted inclinations towards Lolita fantasies don’t think average, normal thoughts. These types of people think about these things and fantasize about these things as if it were eating food on a daily basis. Is there any guarantee that a drama with a title like this won’t affect them? If a child or minor is harmed because of the drama’s direct negative influence… Who will be held accountable? Change the drama title to a normal one.

9. [+37, -14] From all the many actresses in our country it had to be IU… It’s not like there aren’t actresses available.

10. [+35, -4] It’s cringey. She said she was going to improve her acting skills and she chose a role with a certain responsibility and weight too… I keep remembering that exaggerated acting from “Pretty Man.”