IU Once Took A Psychological Test…But It Had Some Mixed Results

IU isn’t sociable?

IU once attempted a psychological test to test what her “real” personality and daily life were like.

IU revealed that her sleeping pose was a backward pose. The psychological test revealed that it meant that IU was a very social and passionate person.

IU didn’t seem to agree with the test, as she sees herself as the complete opposite kind of person.

IU sees herself as more of a timid, impassive person. She also sees herself as someone with little patience.

The next question was about some of IU’s most common habitual behaviors.

IU identified that she usually cups her chin, as well as knitting her brows. The test revealed that her cupping chin behavior meant that she likes to look lovely to others, which she agreed with.

Knitting her eyebrows meant that she was bad-tempered, to which IU disagreed with.

Here is the full video below!