[★VIDEO] IU releases Episode 1 of “IU TV”

On November 9th, IU commemorated her return to SBS Inkigayo by releasing the first episode of a new show she calls IU TV, a revival of a series of official behind-the-scenes footage. IU appeared on the latest episode of Inkigayo with label mate Yoon Hyun Sang to perform their duet “When Would It Be”, and treated her fans to some behind-the-scenes footage of their preparation for the show.

Despite already being both a singer and a senior police officer, the “nation’s little sister” once again took on the role of reporter and spent the duration of the short video giving interviews. She started off by asking Yoon Hyun Sang a couple questions, and the rookie singer revealed that because his career started through SBS K-Pop Idol, the broadcasting studio really felt like his hometown.

Fiestar’s Cao Lu also made a special guest appearance on the show, revealing that she came to the set in order to cheer on her junior (Yoon Hyun Sang). Cao Lu’s group Fiestar is also managed by LOEN Entertainment.

IU later revealed that although she had already won an episode of Inkigayo last month with “Sogyeokdong”, she still had her eyes on the #1 trophy, which prompted an embarrassed look from her duet partner. The video then came to a close with IU and Yoon Hyun Sang waving at the camera, with IU promising that she will be back once again with another episode of IU TV.

Did you enjoy IU and Yoon Hyun Sang’s performance on Inkigayo last night? Are you excited for another episode of IU TV? Check out the video below!