IU releases office workers version of CF for Chamisul Soju

In addition to the student version of the CF that was previously released, Hite Jinro also released an office workers version for their CF for Chamisul Soju featuring IU

The video, which at thirty seconds, ran for the same length as the first one, also started off with IU singing to the tune from her hit song, “Friday.” However, instead of cutting to a young male student, the video cut to a busy male office worker staring off into the city as he worked on his tablet. After sitting down and stretching at his office desk with a bright computer screen, the scene quickly changed to an office gathering at a local restaurant where the co-workers happily shared food and drank Chamisul Soju.

Once again, the scene was followed by IU drinking a shot herself. After which, the songstress picked up her guitar and could be seen playing and singing along to the tune of “Friday” at the same restaurant as the office workers. The singer proceeded to close out the CF with a cute salute to the camera.

Hite Jinro has been focusing on the fact that IU has a broad appeal, releasing CFs geared toward both students and workers. In fact, IU’s fans have voiced overwhelming support for the singer, explaining that because of her elegant and clear voice, she would be a perfect model for brand through the motto, “The freshness that all of Korea enjoys.”

Make sure to check out the office workers version of IU’s CF for Chamisul Soju below!

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