IU releases short CF for Chamisul Soju

On December 26th, Hite Jinro released a short CF for their Chamisul Soju featuring their latest brand ambassador “Nation’s Little Sister” IU

The thirty-second video began with the singer with her signature guitar as she sang to the tune from her hit song, “Friday.” The CF then cut to a young male student, focusing on the the stresses of school, studying, and work that students have to endure. After a long day, however, the student joined his friends for some good food and Chamisul Soju, which quickly brightened his mood!

The scene was followed by IU drinking a shot herself. After finishing her glass, the songstress even took a satisfying breath and continued to play her song on the guitar. The singer closed out the CF with a cute salute to the camera.

Despite the fact that IU has mentioned how much she enjoys drinking soju from time to time, her decision to endorse the alcoholic beverage still attracted a lot of attention. IU’s fans, however, have retained their support for the singer, explaining that because of her elegant and clear voice, she would be a perfect model for brand, whose motto is “The freshness that all of Korea enjoys.”

IU is also scheduled to perform at Chamisul’s year-end concert on December 27th. Make sure to check out IU’s CF for Chamisul Soju below!