[★VIDEO] IU shares her experience at “2014 MAMA” on Episode 2 of “IU TV”

On December 19th, the second episode of IU TV was released and revealed exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of IU preparing for her performance for 2014 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

The second episode took place on December 3rd where she appeared backstage as she was about to rehearse for 2014 MAMA. Once rehearsal was completed, “The Nation’s Little Sister” went back to the hotel where she revealed that she was excited for her performance although she was still nervous.

As the night ended and a new day started, it was time for the 2014 MAMA. Behind-the-scenes footage showed IU and actress Yoo In Na together and later, IU revealed how Yoo In Na emotionally reacted to her rehearsal performance. Throughout the episode, IU also shared her costume changes as well as her experience with 2014 MAMA so far.

IU TV released its first episode on November 9th, where IU appeared with her label mate Yoon Hyun Sang and performed their duet song, “When Would It Be.”