IU to present fans with gift after her birthday

After receiving a lot of love from fans on her 23rd birthday on May 16th, IU revealed that she would be presenting fans with a gift tomorrow. 

After recording thank you messages on her fan cafe for her fans, the singer uploaded a photo on her Instagram with a message that delighted all of her followers. Posted right at the end of the day, the singer posed with “heart” written on her hand, and left a caption which read, “The end of my birthday! Thank you, this time tomorrow I will present a gift.

IU provided fans with quite a lot of entertainment over her birthday weekend, with two episodes of her new drama Producer (which featured a rare sexy performance by the singer), and also appeared at a promotional event for cosmetic brand isoi on May 15th.

Fans have been speculating what her gift could be but are excited regardless of what it might be. Make sure to check out IU’s cute birthday message to fans below!

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UPDATE: IU has confirmed that the gift is indeed a song release, with a digital single “Heart” to be released at midnight on May 18th. Fans are definitely excited to hear the singer’s newest song, as they left numerous messages of anticipation. Additionally, parts of the song are said to have been included in the second episode of her drama Producer.