Ivy to participate in rapper IRON’s debut MV, “Blu”

Show Me The Money 3 runner-up and rapper IRON has released a still photo ahead of his official debut, revealing that singer Ivy will be making an appearance.

Sharing the music video still on March 19th, IRON is wrapped up into his thoughts as he looks down at a notebook with a pen in his hand as he sits on the edge of a bed, wearing a large black sweatshirt, the hoodie hiding his face from viewers. Draped over his shoulder is female singer Ivy, her eyes closed as she rests on him.

With Ivy born in ’82 and IRON a ’92 baby, the 10-year difference has aroused curiosity as to how the two will play as a couple.

IRON will be making his debut soon under Polaris Entertainment on March 31st with his first release Blu. It isn’t clear yet if Ivy will simply make an appearance in his music video, or will actually participate in his title track.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for more information on anticipated IRON’s debut!