IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung’s Visuals Are Being Compared To Computer Graphics Because Of How Beautiful She Is

IZ*ONE’s maknae is drop-dead gorgeous!

IZ*ONE‘s center, maknae, and visual is turning heads! At only 14-years-old, WIZ*ONEs and netizens alike are falling for Jang Wonyoung’s beauty. The teenager stands at 169cm and she’s still growing, enhancing her already model-like features.


Just check out how perfect her proportions are!

Her visuals are so well-loved in fact that people are saying her visuals are like CG! Many are saying that her looks are so perfect, there’s no way a human could look like that.

No matter what angle fans take a picture of her, no matter what time you pause a video of Jang Wonyoung, she looks flawless. Some fans have joked and said that if you keep looking at her, your phone and laptop might get a virus… a.k.a, be filled with photos of Jang Wonyoung!

Since Jang Wonyoung is still growing, many are excited to watch the idol grow and get taller and even more beautiful!

Source: Pann