IZ*ONE’s Sakura Is Getting Prettier and Prettier and Fans Can’t Get Enough

She’s absolutely gorgeous!

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura is taking people’s breaths away with how gorgeous she is, with many saying that she’s only getting prettier as the days go on.

Not only is she getting prettier, fans also agree that her dance skills have improved big time since she was on Produce 48. Her dance lines are becoming more clean and WIZ*ONEs are in love with her facial expressions.

Her milky-white skin and big eyes have always been a charming point, and fans believe that it’s only being enhanced now that her make-up and styling has shiften to a more Korean style rather than the Japanese-style she used to sport when she was active as an idol in Japan.

With how pretty she is, many fans wonder just how much more beautiful she can get. One thing is for sure: she will forever be drop dead gorgeous!

Source: TheQoo