J-Pop concept group PRITZ teases new track “Sora Sora”

PRITZ, who debuted in June with a J-Pop type concept, has released a short video teaser for their upcoming pop track “Sora Sora.”

Debuting with their first official single “Too Difficult ~ Oh Eh Oh Eh~”  back in June 2014, PRITZ has gathered a healthy following because of their unique J-Pop concept in Korean pop music. Although their official debut track “Go Girls” was for an online RPG, “Too Difficult ~ Oh Eh Oh Eh~” helped them stand out as it showcased their J-Pop concept in both sound as well as in visual aesthetics.

This time, Hana, Yuna, Ari, and Shua are back with a teaser for their upcoming single “Sora Sora,” which will be released on November 13th. Their teaser has images reminiscent of an exorcism with quick choppy cuts, unintelligible murmuring, candles, a mummy, and even a skeleton on the drums. This transitions into a few lines of the song as we hear their crystal clear vocals over an upbeat melody with a dark undertone. The video ends with the four girls staring at the camera as their eyes turn red for just a moment.

Are you looking forward to their comeback?