J.Slow releases puts it in “Slow Motion” in his latest MV teaser

Rapper J.Slow has released a unique music video teaser for his upcoming release and track “Slow Motion” on December 12th. 

Noticeably seen staring at the camera while wearing a gas mask, J.Slow uses the train system and rides his bike through tunnels as he makes his way around the city. With a Brooklyn Nets snapback on his head to give him a more swag look, the rapper begins a smooth, rhythmic rap following the beat.

Fans should get ready to expect a hardcore rap track from J.Slow with “Slow Motion,” set to be released on December 15th.

The tough underground rapper gave fans a glimpse of his rapping abilities when he dropped his song “I’m Dirty (30)” last year.

Check out J.Slow’s music video down below!