J.Y. Park is on “Fire” in new MV with Conan O’Brien, Steven Yeun ft. Jimin Park

The newest music video from J.Y. Park is out as it is exclusively released via Team Coco‘s YouTube on April 9th (PST).

The music video features Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun as they partake in their first K-Pop music video with cameo features from JYP Entertainment girl group Wonder Girls and TWICE.

With Steven Yeun teaching Conan O’Brien how to say “Where’s the party?”, the two board the airplane “FireStar Airway” with Wonder Girls on board. As he attempts to hit on the girl group, Yubin stands up and shows her rejection of him as she opens the emergency exit to the plain with Steven Yeun jumping out after Conan O’Brien with an umbrella in hand.

Additionally, the two joins J.Y. Park in a retro dance segment. Check it out below: