J.Y Park makes comeback stage with “Who’s Your Mama” on “K-Pop Star 4”

J.Y Park made his first official comeback stage on the site of K-Pop Star 4 with his track “Who’s Your Mama.”

J.Y Park dropped the music video for his latest track, “Who’s Your Mama” on April 12th which features Lucky J’s Jessi. The 19+ music video reveals a sexy, yet hilarious theme as J.Y Park makes his way into the gym.

In addition to being the CEO and founder of JYP Entertainment and a singer, J.Y. Park is one of three judges on the show K-Pop Star 4. Making his comeback stage with “Who’s Your Mama,” the singer joined the stage, away from his usual seat in the venue.

Jessi joined him on stage as the track filled the room with energy. Fans in the audience danced along to the upbeat and comedic choreography while they watched J.Y Park perform his highly anticipated song.

Check out his comeback stage: