J.Y Park makes final preparations for April comeback

The comeback date for the CEO and producer of JYP Entertainment, J.Y Park (Park Jin Young) is allegedly confirmed, catching everyone by surprise with the sudden announcement.

Initially planned for an April comeback, fans did not expect J.Y Park to return to the music scene so soon, as there will be much competition with labelmates miss A, who has achieved an all-kill with their recent comeback, and 15&’s Park Jimin who shortly made her solo debut a few days later.

According to music industry personnel, J.Y Park is set to release his new single album on April 13th through various music sites. Further details regarding the comeback, such as the name of the title track, have yet to be officially announced. However, the upcoming album is expected to contain self-composed tracks by the producer himself.

The lyrics for this album, the composition, as well as the choreography have been deeply thought through in the preparations of his comeback. It is reported to be in the final stage of preparations, where teasers and schedules will start to be released this coming week.

This will be J.Y Park’s return to the music scene after 1 year and 7 months of hiatus, since his 10th album Halftime.

Meanwhile, he is also one of the judges for singing survival show K-Pop Star 4.