J.Y. Park reveals why Jeon Somi was eliminated from debuting with TWICE

One of the biggest questions fans asked following the end of SIXTEEN was “Why was Jeon Somi eliminated?”.

Making his first appearance on Weekly Idol was JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park on April 20th, making him the first CEO to guest on the popular idol show as well.

During his appearance, the question that had many viewers mulling over the past year was asked by Defconn“Why was Jeon Somi eliminated from ‘SIXTEEN’?” to which J.Y. Park described her as unfermented kimchi. That is, at the time Jeon Somi still needed time to mature and grow. He additionally says that Jeon Somi also felt out of place, and thus was not included in the TWICE lineup.

On Jeon Somi’s achievement of 1st place on Produce 101, he said, “I’m proud of her.”

Meanwhile, Jeon Somi will be making her debut as the center of girl group I.O.I, releasing its first mini-album on May 4th. Following the completion of I.O.I’s year-long promotion, she will return to JYP Entertainment as a trainee until she makes her debut under the agency.

Source: My Daily