J.Y Park reveals the meaning of “24/34” in second MV teaser

On April 11th, J.Y Park revealed the meaning behind the mysterious numbers “24/34” in the second video teaser for his comeback title track “Who’s Your Mama?”.

This video follows previous image teasers and an initial video teaser, getting fans amped up for the track’s full release. In this teaser, J.Y Park follows the dream girl to the gym. After a bold question and answer session, it is revealed that 24 and 34 are her waist and hip measurements. These figures leave the artist in shock as he lets out a scream at the end of the video teaser.

“Who’s Your Mama?”, which features a sick rap by Lucky J’s Jessi, and his upcoming studio album 24/34 are set to be released on April 12th. The upbeat track will make its first appearance on the finale stage of SBS K-Pop Star 4.

Check out the teaser here: