Jackson, Youngji, and Lee Gook Joo create a funny cover of EXID’s “Up & Down” on SBS “Roommate”

On episode 35 of the hit reality show Roommate, GOT7‘s Jackson, KARA‘s Youngji and comedian Lee Guk Joo gather together as they filmed a funny cover of EXID‘s song “Up & Down.”

When SBS‘ Roommate cast members perform or cover songs, they usually change character from a normal person living in a home into performers. In this cover, the three cast members got into character and were seen in matching outfits; Youngji and Lee Guk Joo were both dressed in cheetah print outfits while Jackson was clothed in a sequin gold blazer. Throughout the cover, Youngji, Lee Guk Joo and Jackson showed off their dance moves as they tried to mirror particular parts of EXID’s original dance.

Meanwhile, on episode 34 of Roommate, the members of GOT7 and 5urprise made an appearance, as well as actors Nam Chang Hee and Kim Joo Ho. Prior to releasing the episode, Roommate shared two photos on various social networking sites which included the show’s fixed cast, GOT7 and 5urprise.