Japanese Girl Brings Terrifying Manga Characters To Life With Makeup

This gorgeous girl turns into your worst nightmares, and people are loving it!

The Whispering Women from Ito’s story collection titled The Fragments of Horror.

She goes by Mamakiteru, and regularly updates Twitter with her love for these terrifying characters.

Anything But a Ghost! from Ito’s New Voices in the Dark.

With amazing make-up skills, she brings the horror characters of Ito Junji’s mangas to life.

Kuriko from “The Bully” is violent and cruel creature.

Ito’s art combines an image of modern Japan and the ancient art forms.

Such a beautiful character and still sends chills down your spine!

His characters are beautiful, pale girls with sleek black hair. It’s an homage to Yūrei, a Japanese ghost that are recognizable in horror classics like The Ring or The Grudge.

Tomie, a succubus-inspired character from “The Horror World of Junji”.

Mamakiteru fits the description which makes her transformations that much more disturbing. 

“Headless Sculptures”.

No need for a big budget, Mamakiteru goes for simplicity in her creations.

Grotesque combination of pretty and horrifying!

It’s scary how well she imitates these characters!

It’s hard not to admire her awesome skills. Even if it scares the hell out of you!

Make sure to follow her on Twitter at @mamakiteru to see more of her incredible transformations!