Jay Park releases 90’s themed music video for “City Breeze”

AOMG CEO and hip-hop artist Jay Park has released a new music video in collaboration with Kirin!

Kirin, a rapper whom you may or may not have heard of, has been known for reintroducing the 90’s vibes into the South Korean hip-hop scene. He is also a prominent member of the underground hip-hop crew, Buckwilds. Other current and former members of this crew include BLOCK B‘s Zico, GeeksLil Boi and Louie, UglyDuck, and Hanhae.

The music video appears to be an authentic 90’s production, complete with oversized clothing and back-up dancers in front of blurry, outdated graphics. The visual aesthetic combined with the “new jack swing” music genre is reminiscent of the retro fad that we haven’t been able to see in some time. Listening to “City Breeze” makes you want to rewind time to experience summer all over again.

It has also been speculated that Jay Park may have wanted to promote AOMG’s Youtube channel more since his music videos from the past were usually always uploaded onto his personal channel. “City Breeze”, however, was surprisingly posted to his agency’s official channel. Perhaps this is just the foreshadowing of many more AOMG collaborations and projects to come!

Check out the video below!