Jeok Woo releases music video for “High Heel”

On January 14th, Jeok Woo released the music video for her track, “High Heel,” through 1theK‘s YouTube channel.

After making her debut in 2004, solo singer Jeok Woo is back with her new album, 2015 Jeok Woo – Limited Edition, which was released on December 19, 2014. The album features a total of fourteen tracks plus an instrumental. The album’s title track is “High Heel,” which is a very unique track, featuring hints of both jazz and pop mixed into one.

The music video for “High Heel” was released almost a month after the album, on January 14th, through 1theK’s official YouTube channel. In the video, Jeok Woo can be seen in the recording studio as well as in other places where she shows her sadness from a past break-up.

Check out Jeok Woo’s music video for “High Heel” below!

Source: Bugs