Jessi Accidentally Ruins Fan’s Cell Phone Audio After Throwing Water At The Crowd

While taking the stage at a concert recently, Lucky J member and singer Jessi took a short break in-between sets to take a water break before an unintentional accident occurred.

Revved up as she lovingly interacted with her fans, Jessi takes a small sip of her water before spraying her audience with it. Unfortunately, a video recorded by a fan shows their audio shorting out most likely to the water following the shower. Nevertheless, the fan posts it on Instagram, leaving a teasing comment reading, “I’ve found the culprit! ?? Unnie! ? #PresentationOfTheProblem #OMG.”

Reposting the video on her own account, Jessi apologizes to her fan, writing, “So this happened today…. @jessi_haesook im so sorry ?? #미안해요 #문제를제시 #dontbringwaternearjessi #shewillpretendtodrinkit #butnotactuallydrinkit #hideyourphones #hideyourkids #hideyowives #hideeveryone I love you, I love you, I’m sorry.”

In addition to posting an apology on her personal Instagram, Jessi was also spotted apologizing on the fan’s account as well.

Fan: I’ve found the culprit! ?? Unnie! ? #PresentationOfTheProblem #OMG
Jessi: kekekekeke ah!!!!!!!!!
Jessi: I’m sorry!!!!
Fan: Since you ruined it, you have to buy me one…
Jessi: Ok!!!!