Jessi, Cheetah, and Kangnam drop “My Type” produced by Verbal Jint

On February 12th, the second track off Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar was released, showcasing the skills of competitors Jessi and Cheetah.

Taking the team mission win, the two ladies were chosen to have a joint win due to their great teamwork and witty raps. Although it is the second track to be released from the show, it will be Track 3 on the Unpretty Rapstar album and joins Yuk Ji Dam’s track with Zico, “Up All Night.”

In the video, fans can see the trio’s hilarious interactions within the recording studio. Dressed in comfortable street clothes, the three record their parts while still having fun. As Jessi starts the song off with her husky rap, Kangnam smoothly pushes her aside to contribute his smooth melody.

When not recording their own parts, the members can be seen dancing in the background, adding to the chill vibe of the process. The ending of the video shows flashbacks of the two during their praise-winning performance from the show’s latest episode.

Check out the video and audio track below:

Source: TV Report