Jessi glams up in latest CF video for Jill Stuart

Lucky J’s Jessi appeared fierce and glamorous in the latest CF for Jill Stuart’s accessory line. 

As the video started, Jessi revealed a necklace, showcasing a diamond shape symbol while she said, “What’s your type baby.” She continued revealing the diamond symbol as she drew it on a locker, which had a black and silver clutch inside.

In addition to the clutch, Jessi posed with a matching backpack as she rocked an edgy style. Toward the end of the video, she said, “My type is Jill Stuart.” The advertisement seems to be a reference to her track with Kangnam and Cheetah from Unpretty Rapstar.

Meanwhile, Jessi was featured in J.Y.Park’sWho’s Your Mama?” as the main rapper and released a solo single “It Must Be You.”

[EVENT]’What’s Your Type? My Type? FREESM’질스튜어트 액세서리가 최근 방송 프로그램 ‘언프리티 랩스타’와박진영의 신곡 ‘어머님이 누구니’의 피처링으로 이슈를 몰고 다니는 …

Posted by JILL_STUART on Wednesday, April 29, 2015