Jessi talks about recording with J.Y. Park for “Who’s Your Mother”

On April 7th, Jessi shared an interview in which she talked about working with J.Y. Park on their collaboration track “Who’s Your Mother” for the producer’s upcoming comeback.

In the interview, Jessi shared her expectations of recording with J.Y. Park for the first time. She revealed that not only did he coach her in terms of coaching, he also expressed his attitude and seriousness toward rap as well.

She shared that through a series of amendments, the resulting rap and track was a product that she was very satisfied with. After doing the trademark “JYP” whisper, the Unpretty Rapstar contestant left a touching and cheerful message of thanks to J.Y. Park.

Finally, she put a twist on her classic line from the elimination show, declaring, “We are a team! This is a collaboration!”, laughing as she ended the short interview on a positive note.

The duo previously announced the collaboration with a sexy and modern image teaser, leaving fans highly anticipating the powerful song.

Take a look at her interview here: