Jessica Alba Turned Down 2PM’s Taecyeon For This Korean Celebrity

Jessica Alba had a surprising reason for picking her ideal Korean celebrity.

Jessica Alba has always had a soft spot for Korean culture, having grown up with a Korean family friend.

She says she’s loved kimchi since she was about four years old.


She often heads to Korea as one of her favorite countries to visit with her family.

Her business, The Honest Company, was also launched in South Korea.


And of course she has an ideal type! When asked to choose from six photos of Korean celebrities, she had a methodical approach.

She was presented with pictures of BIGBANG’s Daesung, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Roy Kim, Entertainment Weekly’s Chung Hyeon, and Olympic speed skater Lee Gyu Hyeok.


Although Taecyeon was the first idol to catch her eye, Jessica Alba dismissed him as her ideal type.


She didn’t seem to mind Chung Hyeon‘s muscles but was more concerned with the men’s professions.


Her ideal type wasn’t based on looks, but compatibility… which meant that there’s only one choice left!


Check out the rationale behind her ideal type below!