Jessica Shows Off Her Secret 16-Step Beauty Routine To Perfect Skin

16 steps to perfection.

When it comes to using beauty products, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica knows how to use them properly. She shared her secret beauty tips in 16 steps with Vogue, and they are surprisingly simple and easy to follow.

1. Soak cotton pads in toner, put them on both cheeks and forehead, and wait until all gets absorbed.


2. After applying the toner, squeeze some essence and spread it event on the face.


3. Moisturizer is important for hydrating the skin, and to make it absorb a bit faster, tap the face gently with your hands, so the heat will help absorb the moisturizer quicker.


4. When applying an eye cream, pretend you are playing piano with your fingers around the eyes.


5. When applying the hydrating mist, make sure you keep 30 cm distance from the spray and the face.


6. Apply some lip-balm to finish off the base-makeup.


7. Do not forget sunscreen, as it will protect your skin from UV rays.


Source: YouTube


8. Apply the foundation to the face, using a sponge.


9. Blush is then applied. Jessica uses a peach tone color to emphasize her femininity. This can be used on a daily basis.


10. Using cosmetic brushes, continue applying the blush throughout the face, making sure to give a nice contrast around the cheekbones to appear extra perky.


11. Eyeshadows are important, and the dark brown color is the best to give the natural contrast. You could also use the glitter shadow around the tip of the eyes to give that little extra something.


12. Using the eyeliner pencil, draw with caution, as they have to look natural.


13. Using the eyelash curlers, point your eyelashes upward, and a hairdryer is the magic tool to create the “Eyelash curling-iron” on the spot.


14. After beautifying the eyelashes, make sure you use enough mascara to give the last point on the eye makeup.


15. After the eye makeup, apply a lipstick that would go well with the makeup, and finish with the lip balm.


16. Lastly, you could just finish with some setting spray, so it would not get washed away with sweat.


Watch the full clip of Jessica’s Beauty Tips below: