So Ji Sub releases BTS-style MV for “So Love”

Actor and rapper So Ji Sub released a music video for the pop hip-hop track “So Love” on November 4th, taking fans behind the scenes of rehearsals for his concert and fan meets.

Soul Dive members Nuck, ZITO, and DTheo were featured on the track as well as the music video, as we see the members teach So Ji Sub different methods to create stage presence prior to their first joint concert. Many of the shots show the four artists tired and sweating but continuing to work hard in order to prepare a better stage for their fans.

In addition, the music video takes viewers behind the scenes of So Ji Sub’s preparations for his fan meets across Asia during his first Asia Tour, including places such as Thailand. The music video also highlights So Ji Sub’s massive popularity across Asia as cameras pan over thousands of fans who line the streets and department stores in order to see the star in person!

So Ji Sub has won numerous awards for his acting career, including a Daesang (Grand Award), and has been receiving praise for his most recent work Master’s Sun which wrapped up in 2013. In addition, So Ji Sub released an EP titled 18 Years, representing how many years he has been active in the entertainment industry. His EP includes the track “Boy Go”, which also features Soul Dive.

Check out his new music video below!