Jin Is Making Fans Go Crazy With These Legendary Photos From BTS’s Japan Concert

These photos are taking people’s breath away.

BTS‘s Jin made heads turn in the airport with his visuals on July 12 as the boys were heading to Japan, and Jin is again making heads turn with these legendary photos from their concert the next day!

Many are saying that Jin’s visuals are unreal, he almost looks like a video game character rather than a human. Some have even said that his purple hair only highlights how ethereal he looks.

He is handsome, so handsome that he doesn’t need any words to express himself anymore.

Many are praising Jin for his ability to be swaggy and cool…

… as well as sexy and romantic!

One thing is for sure, and that people have gone absolutely crazy for Jin and his visuals and many agree that he’s only getting more handsome as the days go by.

Source: The Qoo