Jinusean completes #hashtag interview for 1theK

Jinusean revealed how they felt about their comeback track “Tell Me One More Time,” their experience in YG Entertainment, and more during April 17th’s episode of 1thek’s #hashtag

Starting with #Reply_1997, the duo shared their experience about being a recognizable rookie group who won multiple awards and sold over 700,000 copies of their first album in 1997. Jinusean followed by sharing how they felt about working with Jang Hana in #Tell_Me_One_More_Time. They revealed that they could not imagine someone else being feature in their track – “Her voice fits really well,” they said.

The duo continued their interview as they talked about being with YG Entertainment for 18 years. Before Jinusean was a hip hop duo group, they revealed that they were managers in YG Entertainment who also saw the company grow from having only 10 people in the company to where it is today.

Meanwhile, Jinusean made their comeback with “Tell Me One More Time” on April 15th.

Check out their fun interview below: