Jinusean expects a top class performance from BIGBANG for “MADE”

Jinusean shows their support for fellow label artists BIGBANG as they prepare for their upcoming concert, MADE. 

On April 22nd, Sean updated his personal Instagram account and shared the official poster for BIGBANG’s concert. The update also came with a message saying, “BIGBANG WORLD TOUR MADE. Hyungs are cheering for you. Show the people such top class stage once again.” 

The published photos led fans to comment on YG Entertainment’s support for their fellow artists as senior members Jinusean cheers on for BIGBANG’s upcoming concert.

Meanwhile, Jinusean released their special single “Tell Me One More Time” following their 11 year hiatus earlier this month, while BIGBANG will be kickstarting their concert tour MADE on April 25th and 26th at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul, South Korea.

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