Jinusean reveals behind the scenes footage for KakaoTalk emoticons

On February 12th, YG Family revealed Jinusean’s hilarious behind the scenes footage from their new KakaoTalk sound emoticons.

This old school hip hop duo proved that they are still in the groove as they participated in this fun photoshoot. In the video which had their hit song “Phone Number” playing in the background, both Jinu and Sean were dressed in matching white outfits of white pants combined with large fluffy jackets. Throughout the shoot, these two unleashed their entertaining dispositions for their new KakaoTalk sound emoticon pictures, showing fans their playful sides.

Currently, Jinusean is preparing for the BACK TO THE 90s BIG SHOW concert, set for February 21st, where they will be joined by other well known 90s representative singers. Previously, Yang Hyun Suk has mentioned that Jinusean may possibly release a single this year!

Check out their making-of video below!